Meet Wilbury

Wilbury was adopted by his forever family in November of 2016. Below is a statement from Wilbury’s forever parents:

“When we took Wilbury home, he hid under our bed for the first month, only coming out at night to eat. Everyday we would lie on the floor beside the bed and wait for him to feel comfortable and trusting enough to come out and explore. Each day he came a little further (treats helped) until Boxing Day- when he jumped on our bed for the first time! He was still cautious around us, especially if we were standing by him and would even occasionally hiss, out of fear but we knew he just needed time.

Fast forward to present day, he is the biggest cuddle bug! All he ever wants is affection, hugs, kisses and to be as close as he can be to us! His behavior in the beginning was just a sign of fear and learning to adjust to his new life- who knows what he has been through before!?

We would like to thank SAINT Rescue and Adoption for bringing our Willy into our lives. He is a king and will be treated like one for the rest of his life!”