Meet Triumph

Troubadour & Triumph are two of 5 kittens rescued last summer. They had extremely bad eye infections so needed extensive care and surgery.
Triumph had one eye removed and only has a small amount of light perception in the other eye.
The boys do not know they are blind, they are very well adjusted in their foster home. Troubadour and Triumph need to be adopted together, to a mature safe home. No balcony, preferably a bungalow and no small children.
Because they are blind a home visit is necessary and a trial day at a potential adopters home is required.

Adoption fee is $200.00 each which includes: Spay, vaccinations, microchipping, de-worming x 2. All of our cats have been checked by a veterinarian and come with a health record. For more information call Jenny at 289 314-1158